American Football Federation Uganda unveils plans grow the sport

Yesterday 10:01 AM


Federation of American Football president George Okeng has unveiled plans for the promotion of the sport across the country.

“We are starting to spread the sport in schools as a nursery bed for our athletes,” Okeng during the launch of the sport in Trinity College Nabbingo in Wakiso district.

Okeng also thanked the administration of the school for allowing the sport to be introduced regardless of how complicated it is to play and learn.

“I am glad that the school has embraced the sport and is willing to invest time and resources in the girls to learn the sport,” Okeng said.

The students were taken through drills of flag football, which is the beginner stage of the sport, and the federation admitted that the plan to have a flag football league is already in the final stages.

“We are finalising with our international body (International Federation of American Football) through its development program to have a flag football league for schools, especially girls,” Okeng noted.

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Daniella Namuddu, a senior four student who was the brain behind the sport being introduced in the school expressed how happy and overjoyed she was to see her dream come true.

“I have always watched American football in movies and now it’s a great initiative that the sport has been introduced here where I can learn it from and hopefully play full contact one time in the future,” Namuddu happily noted.


Nabbingo is the newest entrant to the long list of schools that have embraced the sport. Others are St. Katherine S.S., Bethany High School, and Dr. Obote College Boroboro and they have plans of moving to schools such as Nabisunsa, Gayaza High School, and Mariam High School.Provided by SyndiGate Media Inc. (



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