IN VIDEO: Watch how Young Kenyan Girl Stunned Onlookers at Airport After Picking Old Mzungu Lover

Story by Amondi Aroko • Yesterday 11:11 AM


  • TikToker lady using the handle @Vannyandbrad reunited with her mzungu lover at the airport, leaving people admiring their love life
  • The two hugged tightly as the mzungu man patted her on the back before poking her belly button and locking lips with her
  • Netizens marvelled at how they beautifully loved each other, with some wishing they could also get white men

A young Kenyan girl using the TikTok handle @Vannyandbrad left people admiring her relationship with her older mzungu boyfriend after their reunion in what looked like an airport.

Lovers Vanny and Brad at the airport. Photo: Lemiso Sato Emmanuel. Source: Facebook© Provided by Tuko

Kenyan girl picks up mzungu bae in style

The young lass who donned red sweat pant, a white crop top, a beige hat and white sneakers couldn’t help but tightly hug her Mzungu man, who was in an official grey shirt and black trouser.

The two then locked lips before hugging again as the man gently patted his woman on her backside before they pulled their bags.

Their video was reshared on Facebook by Lemiso Sato Emmanuel leaving some netizens envious while others admired their relationship.

Here is the video shared on Facebook:

Netizens reactions

Here are some of the comments from the post:

Lexie Chelaa said:

“Lakini huyo mzungu is very romantic, look at the way she is handling her.”

Jully Chelagat commented:



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